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Signs and Prophecy

Oh New Orleans, shed ye the darkness or face disaster

Climate gyrates

Halley's: a sign of the times?

Quakes of last week may presage great earthquake 'storm'

Did prophecy tie into Bush decision?

Data support link between stem cells, prophecy

More on genetics and 1990 prophecy

Did the third secret of Fatima pertain to a 1985 nuclear war?

Are we approaching the 'Second Coming'?

A look back at Maria Esperanza's amazing WTC prophecies

Esperanza's reaction after 9/11 (anonymously)

Man Who Led Charge On September 11 Plane Had Premonitions Of Happening

From The Mailbag: Readers Relate Unusual Experiences During Blackout

Quake in India followed persecution

Prophecy also foresaw 'strange loud rumbling'

Prophecy raises question of how big a quake can get

'Rumbling' echoed in New Testament

New book says modern evil is set to provoke return of huge ancient disasters

Beware Tokyo

Esperanza issues another warning

Was comet a sign?

Prophecy that seemed true on cloning also predicted great 'rumbling'

Leader of Gobbi movement explains prophecies and foresees anti-christ 

Of Chastisements, Fear, and the Gentle Winds of the Holy Spirit

Signs in the sky and other curiosities

'With revelation of the secrets entrusted to them by Our Lady, life in the world will be changed'

The 'warning' or 'illumination': will it really happen?

More on strange 'rumblings'

Prophets and intelligence agents all feel concern for Pope

Prophecy: indications of something coming

Mississippi Mystery

A seismic 'storm'?

Across America, strange reports of crows

Is there a scientific explanations for rumblings?

October prophecies: Is something going to happen this month?

For your discernment: an alleged description of Christ's manifestation

Event in New York part of trend

Response to 9/11 will determine future trends

The possible link between September 11 and cloning

From the mailbag (unedited): a professor of theology, Dr. Miravalle, on 'dangerous deadlines'; a correspondent on theories of the 'warning'

Ground zero

Seer saw rising terrorism force

Did Nostradamus Really Predict New York Attack?

Prophecy saw 'cloud' over New York

Prophecy that saw regional events also foresaw apocalyptic ones

Has the 'triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart' already begun?

Scientists and seers both express concern over hidden fault that could cause a massive tidal wave in the Atlantic

Prophecies about Year 2000 out of time

The comet next time

Nature and 'signs'

Muslims see signs in nature

The epidemic next time: what the CDC  fears most

Prophecy foresaw regional disasters

Pope Speaks on Ecology, Mad-Cow Disease

Climate change indicates purification

World approaching 'day of reconciliation'?

A look back at prophecies

Outbreak of cattle disease in England has deep spiritual connotations

Was last week's display of the northern lights a sign of 'anguish among the nations'?

Alleged Irish 'seer' predicts great storms

From The Mailbag: The Horse of the Apocalypse?

Faustina prophecy of cross in the sky found to link to miracle found in fourth century

Three A.M.

Broken image: sign of the times?

When Mail Comes, Out Pour accounts of Signs, Coincidence, and Time Speeding Up

The mysterious 'coincidences' around politics

New prophecy of 'great smoke' linked to 1990 prophecy: follow-up story 1

Shed ye your evil, L.A., or await disaster

Final prophetic excerpt

A haunting prediction

Prophecy and potential military intervention

Ukrainian seer Josyp Terelya comments on the Anti-Christ

Prophecies saw 'cloud' above New York

Animals serve up prophetic mysteries

It's That Time Of Year and Swerves In Weather Accompany A Prophetic Beat

In The Mailbag: Pulsing Prophecy Stretching From 'Signs' to Alleged 'Messages'

Readers Report Many  Signs That Involved Animals, Especially Doves

Signs: Does God Speak To Us Through Events Large And Small In Our Lives?

In Uproar Of Nature Is Knowing That God Watches And In the Skies Sends His Signs

From The Mail: What Are We To Make Of Alleged 'Signs' In The Sky, Sun, Clouds?

From The Church To Natural Events, It Seems Like There's Something In The Wind

Strange Lightning

Signs in nature seem to track military developments

Why are centers of wickedness located in danger zones?

It May Be A Time Of Apparitions, Prophecy, But Dilemmas Remain On Discerning Them

From The Mailbag: Readers Weigh In On Experiences at Three A.M.

Florida disasters

Across Religions And Cultures Is Notion Linked To Prophecy That Time Has Sped Up

Mystic's Mention Of 'Rivers Of Light' In 2004  Followed By Stunning Papal Announcement

The Mail: As Year Ends, Widespread Are The Notions That Time Has Sped

About Muslim upheaval

Prophecy Of Coming Storm May Relate To Prediction Of Gabriel And His Trumpet

From The Mailbag: An Omen In Clouds Before 9/11

Mysterious signs and politics

'When you see great smoke...'

More on the warnings to Los Angeles

Ukrainian mystic warns against large war and speculates on time period for special evil powers

More on Three A.M.

Animals and prophecy

Filipino Man Who 'Rose' From The Dead Quotes Jesus As Saying Only Prayer Will Avert Another 'Big' Disaster

Beatified Woman Showed The Challenge Of Discerning Visions About The Future

To Nation Watching Its Institutions Melt Comes An Alleged Message From Mystic

As Year Winds Down And New One Looms, Rumors And More Rise Of Prophetic Kind

Recent Outages Bring To Mind Prophecy: Will There Be 'Three Days Of Darkness'?

The World May Be Approaching Three Events Or 'Signs' Signaling Purification

The 'tornadoes' of our times'

Challenging Our Discernment Are The Prophecies Admonishing Us to 'Prepare'

Prophecy May Be Imperfect, But Urgency Is Expressed As There Is Thinning Of 'Veil'

For Your Discernment: Does Housewife in Minnesota Hear in Ear Voice of the Lord?

For Your Discernment: 1990 'Prophecy' Foreseeing Events Followed By New One

Was Current Natural Upheaval Foreseen By An Austrian Monk In The Middle Ages?

Mention By Seer Of The Year 2004 Has Led To A Flurry Of Apocalyptic Speculation

Cloning And Mixing Of Genes May Bring Us Closer To Alleged Prophetic Events

Former Nightclub King Says He Saw Future During Near-Death Experience

Major Seer Says Smaller Chastisements Have Been Lessened But Not The Big Ones

With Rioting In Paris, Some Wonder If Old Prophecies Of Fire Now Bear Relevance

Report Claims Padre Pio And Fatima Seer Both Issued Prophecies About John Paul I

Padre Pio Recited 36 Rosaries A Day And  Offered His Life To Avoid A 'Cataclysm'

Famed Mystic Detailed Specific Words From Jesus, Including Prediction On WWI

Is There Such A Thing As 'Planet X,' And Is It Part Of The Current Prophetic Pulse?

Wars, Tremors, And SARS Serve As What Prophecy Describes as 'Pre-Warnings'


Saint saw huge cataclysm


Woman Is Given A Prophecy On The Evils Of Cloning


Quito Prophecy Finds Confirmation In Latest Message From Medjugorje


Asteroids may have affected previous centuries


Newly Beatified Mystic Made Reference To Danger Posed By So-Called Illuminati


True And False Lights: Recent Messages Raise Questions About The Coming Of 2004


Prophecy of St. Vincent Ferrer


Talk Of Epidemic Has A Prophetic Link To Visions Both In Ancient And Modern Times


Message From Alleged Irish Seer


As Precursors To A Purification Abound, It Gets Hard To Ignore Signs Of The Times


A Closer Look: Revelations Of Medieval Saint Seem To Point To North America


Boxer Who Fought Joe Frazier Is Now A 'Seer' Who Warns That 'Now Is The Time'


Business Man Correctly Prophesied WTC Disaster and Future Upheavals 


For Your Discernment: An Alleged Description Of Christ's Manifestation ("The 1990 Prophecy")


Mystic's Mention Of 'Rivers Of Light' In 2004  Followed By Stunning Papal Announcement


If Prophecy Is Imperfect, Especially With Dates, It's Still Strange And Fascinating 


Rollicking Times On Apparition Beat As New 'Messages' Flow And Church Reacts


The Alleged 'Mammoth Mountain 'Prophecy': Fact -- or Fiction?


Behind Film Endorsed By Both Catholics And Protestants Is A Stigmatic Whose Life And Revelations Continue To Amaze


Padre Pio Remains Total Mystery -- With Amazing Cures That Still Stun Experts


Fascinating Message On 'Amusement' Was Contained In 'Secret' Part Of Apparition


From the mail and for your cautious discernment


Cases Of Church Approved Apparitions Have Occurred Just Before Huge Events


Prophecies From 'Charismatics' Match Messages From Recent Marian Visions


Prophecy That Seemed To Forecast Cloning Also Foresaw Regional Disasters


Consecration Said To Have Prevented Nuclear Event 


Bishop Cools To Stark Akita Revelation But Situation Remains Highly Mysterious


Prophecy: across America are those who have seen strange bird behavior


Man Who Claimed Near-Death Revelation Now Sees Further Dangers For America


At The Brink Of War, Man Who Correctly Foresaw 9/11 Offers New Prediction


Scientists Argue That Asteroids May Have Affected Several Mysterious Ages


Hurricanes and Tidal Waves Are Signs Prophesied as 'Intensifying' in Year 2004?


Mysterious 'Blasts' In India Bring To Mind A Prophecy That Saw Strange Rumblings


From The Mailbag: Was Hurricane Ivan A Prelude To Bigger Disasters?


After The Storms: Little Rumblings Can Lead To Seismic Aspects Of 'Purification'


When Prophecy Begins To Hit The Target, It Goes From Fringe To The Cutting Edge


Weather Events Hit Stride of Extremes As Climate Complies With Prophesy


Book Predicted Onset Of Big Hurricanes


Catastrophe In New Orleans Brings An Incredible Halt to Plans for a Decadent Weekend


Mysteries Of The Weather: Is It Our Dear Lord Who Sends Us Storms Or The Devil?


Cooling Period That Started With Noah Ended With Warm Period At Time Of Jesus


Hint Of Coming 'Superstorm' Emphasizes Need To Pray About Sin And Conversion


Sudden 'Switch' In Climate Is Expected By Few But Would Cause Dramatic Effects


Tornadoes And Storms Increase As Part Of Odd Climate Swerve And Purification


Tornadoes as signs of grace


Asian Tsunami Was Preceded By Prophecy And Followed By Reports Of Miracles


Event In Asia Stands As Most Striking In A Special Time Of Prophesied Disturbances

Denial Of Disasters And Punishment Part Of Perilous Trend That Also Denies Bible

Event In Asia Stands As Most Striking In A Special Time Of Prophesied Disturbances

Another Tsunami 'Miracle' As Cathedral Dedicated To St. Thomas Survives Waves

Hidden Factor In Gulf Of Mexico Has Led To Explosive and Catastrophic Storms

Prayer Needed:  Labor Day Brings Memories Of Great Hurricane That Could Return

Periods Of Hot And Cold Sweep World As Signs Of Times Include Swerve In Climate

From Horrid Streets To A Marian Shrine, Question Is Why God Allows Disasters

Can The Devil Raise The Wind? A Hundred Years Ago, It Seemed Like It in Galveston

Debate Over Global Warming Lost Focus As Proponents Ignored The Idea Of 'Signs'

Scientists and Seers Both Express Concern Over Hidden Fault That Could Cause A Massive Tidal Wave In The Atlantic  

Archbishop Known As 'New Orleans Pope' Recalls Holing Up In Storm, Devastation After, And Calls It 'Divine Chastisement'

Hurricane Notes: Mysterious Course Of Events May Dismiss Notion Of Coincidence

God's Hand In Nature Attested Through Bible and Most Famed Marian Apparitions

'Katrina,' A Category-Four, Slams Into Louisiana As Part Of Spiritual War And One In Series Of Long-Prophesied Events

Location of Archbishop Still Unknown But Niece Believes That He Was Rescued

From Key West To 'Katrina,' Remarkable Accounts Of Both Mary and Archangel

At Gulf Coast We Pray For Deceased And Also To Dispel The 'Spirit Of Death'

It's No Time For Fear But Also No Time To Deny The Need For Spiritual Preparation

Is Route Taken By 'Katrina' a Rehearsal For a Future Mega Hurricane?

In Aftermath Of Fifth Hurricane To Lash U.S. Coast, Even Skeptics Noticing 'Signs'

Amid The Horror Of Katrina Are Ironies and With Them a Prophetic Message

No One Likes To Hear It, But Purification Is In Progress and Has Just Intensified

Prophecy and mention of dates

Politicians Join Archbishop In Calling A Storm A Prophetic Event, Joined by Seers

As 'Katrina' Showed, It's Supposed To Be 'City of Saints', Not Center For Voodoo

Horror In Paradise: Labor Day Recalls Famous Storm, Reminding Us All To Pray

Prophetic Pulse: Prayers Go To Victims As We Note Major 'Quickening' Of Events

From The Mail: Luke 21:25 and the Recent Tsunamis

New Orleans Bishop" I'm Convinced That God Is Going To Purify Us Through This

In An 'Underground' Of New Orleans Priests Is Talk Of Storm As Purification

In Long-Gone Past Are Hints That The The North Was Hit By Monster Hurricanes

Notes From All Over: Whether Storms Or Exorcisms, We Live In Special Times

Oh Florida: Cover Yourself With Prayer And Spread Salt As Storm Season Nears

For Your Discernment: Did Site Of Flight 800 Crash Have Mystical Connections?

In A Flurry of 'Signs', Some Wonder If A Manifestation Of Jesus Is Just Around The Corner

As 2002 Turns Into 2003, Prophetic Events Continue What Will Be An Intensification

For Your Discernment: 1990 'Prophecy' Foreseeing Events Followed By New One

Formulations Of World From Media To Government Lend Concern Of Antichrist

Does Terrorist Fit Description Of An Anti-Christ?

With Uproars In Nature Come Also Signs Similar To Those Of The Middle Ages, accompanied In U.S. By Strange Miasma

Year '2012' Catches Sudden Attention As Science, Prophecy, And Myths Collide

Vision Of Roiling Ocean: Does It Connect To Prophecy Of Storm And Third Secret?

Bush Speech May Cast Light On Prophecy That Warned Of 'Small And Large Power'

A Prophetic Week Ends With Questions On What Those Auroras And Fires May Mean

Canada Urged To Pay Heed To 'Miracles' As Signs Of Times Continue To Multiply

Quakes, Storms, And Other 'Signs Of Our Time' Hint At Major Future Event In China

Expect The Unexpected, Including Time Of Rage As Nation Threatened With 'Uproar'

Prophetic Notes: Of A Movie, A Storm Warning, And Those Swerves In Climate

Church Avoids Talk Of 'Final Coming' But Approved Polish Saint Who Prophesied It

St. Faustina Foresaw The Second Coming And Seemed To Link It To The Pope

Fires In California Now Claim More Than A Thousand Homes In Prophetic 'Alarm'

Whirlwinds And Devils: Fires Blaze As 'Ill Omen' And Previews Of Future Events

When It Comes To Alleged Prophecy, Life In The Ocean May Be Powerful Indication

The Epidemic Next Time: What the CDC  Fears Most

Move To One World Government Coming In Ways That Infer Spiritual Not Human Plan

Mystery Of Vanishing Honeybees Points To How Chastisement May Be Unexpected

Lost In The Commotion: The Link Between Prophecy, Cloning, And September 11

Predictions Provoke Key Question: Do We Face Second Coming Or A Manifestation?

Paranoia Or Real Concern? Move To Use Microchip Could Open A Big Door To Evil

What Once Seemed Paranoid Now Seems Less So In Brave New Microchip World 

Seer At Medjugorje: With Belief In God There Is No Fear, Even Of Coming Secrets

Spiritual 'Prompts' There Are, Including Worry Over Strangely Missing Animals

Lost in commotion: the link between stem cells and September 11

Strong New Anti-Catholicism On Rise From Europe And Americas To Australia

Hotspot Of Korea Churned Out A Cult  Based On Strange Private Revelations

New world order: It's Later Than You Think

Enter Archive 'Earth Summit' Resurrects Concern With 'Dead Head' And A Single World Religion

From The Mailbag Are Those Who Feel A 'Pulse' Indicating That A 'Veil' Is Dropping

End Of World Is Not Nigh, But Change Is Coming And Prophetic Pulse  Fascinates 

Strange weather in Albany

The Tragedy That Befell Pompeii: Its Sins Were Similar To Those In Our Modern Day

Indications Continue That The Passing Of 'John Paul The Great' Will Spark Events

There Is Nothing To Fear About Coming Events -- But The Message Is To 'Prepare'

As Events Intensify, Media, Reacts With Frenzy To Any Mention Of Chastisement

Animals serve up spiritual mysteries

Did We Dodge Big One And Did The Terror Plot Fit Bill As A Coming 'Great Storm'?

The Prophetic Pulse: Winds Of Weather Now Converge With The 'Winds' Of War

Holy Week Brings Prophetic Expectation And A Query: What Is Meant By 'Imminent'?

From Florida To Michigan, Communities Are Forming In Way Of Catholic Refuges

An Alleged Description Of Christ's Manifestation The 1990 Prophecy

No Need For Fear As Times Come Upon Us And The Prophetic Indications Intensify

Signs Of The Times: Do They Hint At Christ Appearing In A Special 'Manifestation'?

Prophecy: Move To Clone Human Embryos Will Lead To Severe Regional Events

Strange weather in Alaska

Mythical 'Chimera' Was Associated With Disaster Warning of Genetic Meddling

Prophetic 'Word' Warning On Cloning May Hint At Worrisome Genetic Trends

Prophecies In Rome In 1975 Saw Collapse Of Buildings And Societal 'Meltdown'

'Signs' Of Various Kinds Parallel Rise Of New, Dramatic Societal Transgressions

Speculation On Coming Of Christ, Long A Prophetic Theme, Is Reaching Crescendo

Prophecy: 2004 Will See A Greater Flow Of Realization, As Well Greater Events

From 'Signs' In The Sky To Rumblings, One Thing We Can Know Is We Are Protected

Hard To Deny Phenomena Are Multiplying But Question Is Which Of Them Are 'Signs'

There Will Be Signs In The Sky, The Stars, We Are Told -- Or Is It Just Planet Venus?

The Mailbag: From Across America Come Reports Of A Red Moon And Other 'Signs'

Signs Of The Times? Stargazers Braced For Convergence Of Comets, Red Moon

Prophecy: Trends Suggest That Current Course Will Cause Collapse Into Chaos

Are There Angels 'From East To West,' And Has A 'Timetable' Been Set In Motion?

From The Mail: Dreams Seemed To Confirm Manifestation Of Towering Light

At 'Fringe' Are Those Worried About New Military Project And Secret Governing

Author Releases Book Claiming World Is On The Verge Of Radical Transformation

If Prophecy Is Credible, World 'Soon' May Be Transformed To World Of Peasantry

Unusual global events tied to fall of Roman Empire

Genetic Work Reaching Startling Point Of Creating 'Chimeras,' Creatures That Would Be Part-Human And Part-Animal

From Israel To U.S., Many Get Word Of 'Trumpets' And Priest Reports A Miracle

Killings Join With Storms As Signs Of The Times And Signs Of A Coming Maelstrom

Prophetic Utterance? Caution Urged On War That May Be Followed By 'Disaster'

Signs Point To Coming Change And Remind Us That We Know Not Where Wind Blows

Of Strange Clouds And Bloody Moons And Images Claimed In Objects As Signs

Formulations Of World From Media To Government Lend Concern Of Antichrist

Expect The Unexpected, Including Time Of Rage As Nation Threatened With 'Uproar'

Mystery Of Vanishing Honeybees Points To How Chastisement May Be Unexpected

When It Snows Is Not Time To Complain -- But It May Be Time To Discern More 'Signs'

Response to New York will determine next phase of chastisement

Lost in commotion: the link between 9/11 and cloning

The Pulse of Prophecy: September 11 Was But One In A Series Of Coming Events

Behind Conflict With Iraq Is The Mystery Of Israel And Its Link To The 'End Times'

Notes From All Over: As Sun Flares, Are There Angels In The Dazzling Auroras?

Statue Weeps And Fires Leap, Leaving Big Question: What's Happening In Australia?

Blackout Another 'Pre-Warning Harking Back To Mysterious Similar Event In 1965

From The Mail: Viewers Relate Various And Alleged 'Signs,' Including Darkness

Formulations Of World From Media To Government Lend Concern Of Antichrist

Expect The Unexpected, Including Time Of Rage As Nation Threatened With 'Uproar'

There Will Be Signs In The Sky, The Stars, We Are Told -- Or Is It Just Planet Venus?

Killings Join With Storms As Signs Of The Times And Signs Of A Coming Maelstrom

Beneath Horrid Event At Virginia Tech May Be, As Usual, Deep Spiritual Current

Stranded And Losing A Buddy: Spiritual And Prophetic Aspects Of September 11

Are We Allowed To Ask God For Signs -- Or Is That Asking For The 'Sign Of Jonah'?

War, Terrorism, And Epidemics Are Equal Parts Of Much Larger Prophetic Picture

Flurry Of Predictions Underscores Need For Both Skepticism and Discernment

Tornadoes and signs of grace

Address of Angelo Cardinal Sodano Concerning the Third Part of the Secret of Fátima

Seers in Africa foresaw plague

The road to Armageddon?

Cardinal warns of antichrist

Fatima secret foresaw 1981 murder bid on Pope

Climate change indicates purification

Leader of Gobbi movement explains prophecies and foresees anti-christ

New book says modern evil is set to provoke return of huge ancient disasters

Speculation about a 'great sign' predicted at Medjugorje

In Vatican commentary, emphasis on importance of "signs of the times"

Genome Discovery Ushers In Sinister Era, Some Say

Visions, Dreams, And Strange Images Tied To Terrorist Attack On United States  

'Home Invasions' Spur Fears Of A Future That Without Prayer Will Yield Anarchy

It's Self-Renunciation That Lifts The Veil And Allows Us To See 'Signs Of The Times'

Of Purification And The Sniper: Events  Will Move In Ways That Are Unexpected

'Towers' Figure Into Many Parts Of Scripture As Divine Purification

'Home Invasions' Spur Fears Of A Future That Without Prayer Will Yield Anarchy

As War Sabers Rattle, Iraq Is Cast As Focus Of Phenomena And Prophecies

As Troops Rush Through Iraq, Questions Are Raised About Symbolisms Of Babylon


Home To Tremendous Spiritual History, Iraq Also Stands As Warning For Future


Of All The Questions Raised By War, None Is More Intriguing Than Location Of Eden


Behind Conflict With Iraq Is The Mystery Of Israel And Its Link To The 'End Times'


Muslim Apocalyptic Writers Indicate Future Strikes On New York And Vatican

Of North Korea, Global Government, And A Nun's Old Prophecy

After Five Years Of Silence Phoenix Seer Releases New Message And New Warning

Four Years After Its Release, Disputes Remain Over The Third Secret Of Fatima

Records from old Irish observatory may offer clues on strange weather 

'Third Secret' Remains A Fascination As Facts On Its History Emerge

Too many coincidences are adding up

The Third Part Of the Secret Revealed 13 July 1917 To Lucia At  the Cova Da Iria-Fatima

Girls In Italy Claim The Blessed Mother Prophesied 9/11 During Apparitions In 1994

Former Radio Host Describes Prophecy Of What He Says Is Coming 'Great Storm'

Illinois Man With Visions Of 'Great Storm' Claims It Will Come With Passing Of Pope

Businessman Who Purchased The Land Where Sister Neuzil Also Resided Also Has Prophecy

As Year Of Rosary Ends, The Question Is Whether Famed Third Secret Played Out

'Secret' From Apparition That Predicted Storms And Turbulence Has Disappeared

Unconfirmed Report: Medjugorje Seer Receives Another Message Mentioning 'Sign Of The Times'

Recent Developments In Europe: Could They Cast New Light On Old Prophecies?

The Mailbag: From Medjugorje To U.S. Is  Sense That Something May Be Coming

Tornadoes, quakes, and now cyclone: glimmerings of future events

Mention By Seer Of The Year 2004 Has Led To A Flurry Of Apocalyptic Speculation

A Look Back At Prophecies -- And Nuggets of Fascinating Prescience

Prophecy: Has The U.S. Seen A 'Disruption'  -- Or Is Big 'Lash' Looming In The Future?

A sharp trend toward prophetic events?

Prophetic dovetail as time of storms joins time of earth rumblings

Events heighten in accord with prophecy

Amid hoaxes and strange lights is question of whether 'veil' is thinning

Prophecy tied in remarkable way to manner in which nature is being altered

Why Iowa?

Oil and God's Creation

In time of turmoil, what to think of 'end-of-world' prophecies?

What about 'end-of-world' prophecies?

Wild prophecy, but what about dreams?

'Mercy': has it turned into 'justice'?

Is time short? It's time to pray

Is it 'fourth watch' of the night?

Discerning visions and dreams

'Broken creation' and storms

Mystery prophecy: did it have to do with 'collider' also?

Prophetic beat: recalling predictions

Devout money manager issues stark warning and 'safe haven'

Turmoil brings extreme prophecy

Look at what Merton once wrote

If Miraculous 'Images' Aren't Enough To Rile The Skeptics, How About Prophecy?

Mailbag: more storms

Images Of Virgin Continue To Baffle And Send What Seems Like Prophetic 'Signal'

Images Are The Bane Of Skeptics But Are They Also Among The 'Signs Of The Time'?

Image Of Weeping Virgin Had Been Claimed -- And Ignored -- On Tree In Manhattan

Esperanza's mysterious predictions

Prophecy and 'spiritual warfare' hits crescendo

Prophecy: a 'river of uncertainty'

Roiling times: from storms to miracles

Prophecy linked to embryo research?

**Prophetic pulse: the times they are whipsawing

Election brings worries of new world order, Islam

Mailbag: prophetic pulse turns rapid

Evangelist who foresaw cash crisis sees bigger one

Prophetic pulse: coming upheavals

Meltdown of institutions paving way to global government

Ex-radio host claims visions of future

Time of great transition ahead

Of strange prophetic rumblings

If Prophecy Is Imperfect, Especially With Dates, It's Still Strange And Fascinating 

Future events: listen to your intuition

Times of turmoil bring prophecy that can be wild

Signs from the 'other side'

When chastisements come, they may be fashioned by human hands

'Time of turmoil' is 'time to prepare'

Cathedral fire: a sign?

**Apparition beat: why chastisement will come

Mystery book on end times endorsed by St. Thérèse

'The End of the Present World': a book on future events

Protection in the coming upheaval

Book endorsed by St. Thérèse spoke of the anti-christ

Prophetic pulse: fire?

*A time of great unrest approaches

Prophetic pulse and Obama

Of prophecies, 'warnings'

**What Therese said about anti-christ

At Kibeho, 'time of visitation' said to precede apocalyptic events

Fireballs, rumbles: how God protects

'End-of-world' prophecy confused with concept of  'chastisement'

Prophetic pulse: many are those who feel need to 'prepare'

Prophetic pulse: does world approach 'denouement'?

Startling genetic trend and prophecy

Time of darkness reflected in 'dreams,' 'messages'

When prophecy is wrong, is it just premature?

Prophecy: a coming 'quake?

The mailbag: where the prophetic wind blows

Fault in Atlantic: tsunami threat?

Is the Lord sending heavenly 'signs'?

*From the mail: prophetic dreams, near-death glimpses, and coincidence

Protection of God in time of upheaval

Prophetic pulse: seers, sun miracles

Mailbag: do dreams of disaster bear any significance?

Did mystics indicate path to new energy 'technology'

*With nature rocking and rolling, a check of the 'prophetic pulse'

New view of Armageddon

Of 2012, 'warnings,' prophetic pulse

The chastisement of Middle Ages: ferocious plague

Prophecy update

Medieval chastisement (part two): devastation

Of prophecy, climate change, gays, coincidence

Speculation on Second Coming

Pandemic prophecy

Has man strayed from God's design?

Is there prophecy in the natural events?

Prophecy and the attempt to alter humans

Do oceans serve as 'prophecy'?

Prophecy pointed to regional chastisements

Reputed 'seer' foresaw quakes

Do 'direct hits' make Brazilian seer legitimate?

What to believe from seers who have foreseen Church crises?

Prophecy beat: angels with swords

Of fireballs, volcanoes, and prophecy

Billows from volcano bring to mind prophecy

Seer 'saw' Gulf 'disaster'

Prophecy: is technology out of God's Plan?

The prophetic pulse: rumblings of civil uprising

Has Gulf disaster turned prophetic?

Oil, bizarre speculation, and the prophetic pulse

The prophetic pulse: more from Brazil seer

Prophecy: the summer of unease

Prophecy: could U.S. be 'invaded'?

Prophetic pulse: word is 'sudden'

Viewers give opinions of coming 'sudden' events

Alleged prophecy: does it spell our 'refuges'?

Is there a 'beacon of light' in the mountains of New Mexico?

Is there a 'prophetic heaviness' across land?

Prophecy: will China 'invade'?

*Prophecy from near-deathers: a coming 'transformation?

More speculation on the 'cross by water'

Confusing 'end times' with 'chastisement'

Has 'chastisement' already begun?

Blazing sun and other sky formations sometimes relate hidden messages

Of prophecy and dead fish and falling birds

Book reported prediction two years before genocide occurred

Prophetic pulse: disturbances indicate need to seek Mother of God and bless homes

Prophecy: of two suns and signs of times

Kibeho prophecy may be most accurate on record

Phenomena cause look at dramatic prophecies

Of rumblings and 'signs' and Cairo prophecy

The prophetic pulse: past prediction errors don't negate coming change

Many scurrying to  prophecies

Prophecy, 'fear of fire,' and technology

Random notes: 'prophetic' rumblings

A potpourri of prophecy, from 'prompts' to mystics

Storms seem (again) to warn us

Prophecies revisited in light of ongoing events

A mystic's warnings about terrorist

Special Spirit Daily report: the sky astir

From Russia to Africa, strange lights in the sky cause some to claim holy manifestations

At one prophetic extreme, those who claim the 'end'; at other those who deny God chastises

Of gene-altered foods, allergies, and prophecy

Prophecy: is nature rebelling against technology?

Of flash-mobs and court frenzy

The prophetic pulse: is U.S. about to be replaced as leading nation?

Special report: a new hurricane era

'Words of knowledge,' dreams abound as earth, clouds move around us

When events arrive, some will be a surprise

Caution is byword in prophecy, but there are strange rumblings

Prophecies from mystic beatified last week were dramatic

Prophetic pulse: is it America's last stand?

Of vaccines and a prophecy


Prophetic pulse: do 'blood moons' portend great events in Mideast?

The prophetic pulse: on the internet, what's truth and what's fantasy?

Prophecy: will U.S. will devolve into 'enclaves'?

Huge, crucial prayers to lessen chastisement

Taking stock of prophecy: rumblings, lights

2012: expectations of 'signs' and the apocalyptic

New Vatican consultant received prophetic 'word' on world meltdown

Is it possession or psychiatric?

Prophetic pulse: weather swerves

Signs of times and strange clouds

Prophecy: 'locution' underscored in new book

Using Lord's Name in vain always brings chastisement

Stigmatics and their fascinating prophecies

Prophecy: the 'ring of fire'

'The Scream': when is art mystical?

Can we put stock in 'end-of-world' prophecies?

The mailbag: reckoning what Bible says about 'rumblings'

Georgia man claims dramatic prophecies

Book discusses 'antichrists'

Heat's on, but it's just one 'sign'

Prophetic update: protection of the Blessed Mother

The Harbinger: did 9/11 lead to Wall Street crash?

Did angels prophesy to hidden Chinese worshippers?

The prophetic pulse: shocking spread of genetic foods

Prophecy: how far do we dare to go with it?

Great Chicago, Wisconsin fire: a hint at future chastisement?

Politics and the 'white horse' prophecy

*Prophetic aspects of hurricane

The prophetic pulse: random storm ruminations

Society, nature, and 'bubbles of protection'

Update: strange booms and rumblings and quakes

Is something 'huge' in the future?

Are unusual reflections of light the precursor to a coming sign?

Signs: about the swerves in weather, eruption of quakes

The Pope and the prophetic pulse

Prophecies and intrigues and the Pope

Prophecy, lightning, and the mystery of Catholicism

The prophetic pulse: strange rumblings across America

Locutions and prophecy

Prophetic pulse: the Lord is starting to 'clean house'

Signs: all those floods

Fire and rain: events accelerate

Prophecy: author sees 'swerves and spikes' as decade progresses into unprecedented ones

Is nation's oldest shrine linked to prophecy?


Prophecy: author sees 'swerves and spikes' as decade progresses into unprecedented ones


Mailbag: prophecy, 'coincidence': from Calgary floods to special blessings


The prophetic pulse: fire, fire


The prophetic pulse: of northern lights and strange sounds


Prophecy: events that come will be unexpected


Erratic weather: the prophetic pulse


The prophetic pulse: solving a volcanic mystery


The prophetic pulse: a convergence of four Popes

Indications of chastisement from everyday people

Did 'mysterious' fire figure into dissolution of pagan American city?

Signs of the time, miraculous healings and societal events

The prophetic pulse: why the Philippines?

Prophetic pulse: do certain huge events occur in specific periods?

The big 'little' chill: are we moving away from a trend of global warming?

The prophetic pulse: about all the 'unusual' events

The prophetic pulse: signs around us

Will a 'sign' occur that's linked to Exodus?

Is there really anything behind the prophecy of 'blood moons'?

The mailbag: of polar magnetism and weather and, perhaps, signs

Prophecy from Ukraine had warned of war

A prophetic 'hit'?

The prophetic pulse: of quakes and lightning

Signs: 'Colossal' volcanoes could give way to 'mega' one

Did two men glimpse eternity and future events?

Prophecy: swerve into darkness will cause events

Prophetic pulse: seers in Iraq and Syria

Irishman says Padre Pio saw future 'fire'

The prophetic pulse: will America turn into a third-world nation?

The prophetic pulse: alleged messages warned of 'unending religious wars'

Prophetic pulse: harbingers?

Engineer relates stark new 'message' from alleged seer

The prophetic pulse: signs from the earth?

The prophetic pulse: 'hour of decision'

Of the northern lights, biblical omens, and 9/11

Retreats (the prophetic pulse): little signs, big signs

Prophetic pulse: messages to discern

The prophetic pulse: events will be borne out in old and recent 'messages'

This current strangeness: from disease outbreaks to Georgia 'guidestones'

The many warnings from Mary about plague

Of 'blood moons' and the 'Shemitah'

New book looks at prophecy, culture, cycles

The prophetic pulse: a quickened pace?

The prophetic pulse: a look at a prediction

Did prophecy from a decade ago foresee scientific development?

Eruptions of Muslim violence bring forth African prophecy

Mysterious rumbles become mysterious 'booms'

The prophetic pulse: somber thoughts on new 'world war'

Do phenomena herald forthcoming events?

From droughts to quakes, unsettling strangeness in nature

Prophetic pulse: how exactly could effect on axis cause cataclysms?

The Pope and TV and prophecy

Chastisement already here in the way of 'reprobate mind'

The prophetic pulse: words from the Lord, from Ireland to Florida?

Prophetic pulse: a coming 'perfect storm'

Are recent events a 'tease' or 'harbingers'?

The prophetic pulse: could America's lights go out?

Prophetic pulse: attacks in Paris bear mystical elements

Prophecies and conditions

How Jesus might one day manifest

In the realm of ancient Jewish prophecy, does a 'jubilee' foretell major events?

A 'breakdown' is coming

A great future 'light'?

Of storms and 'Jonah' and hidden signs

Prophetic pulse: seers, messages, and the 'fist' of God

Prophetic pulse: events will swirl about the coming of plague

Did Maria Esperanza foresee something like Zika?

A mysterious ancient prophecy and how Saint Faustina may have linked a Pope to the second coming

The prophetic pulse: a 'signs of the times' update

Discernment: a prophetic update

Did the aurora of 1938 relate to nuclear war?

More and more, rumblings beneath our feet seem louder, portending something

The prophetic pulse: predictions from Christian brethren

Forces from sun shift in unpredictable manner

Signs in the sky

When movies and cartoons prophesy

If Fatima warned about just before 'Roaring Twenties,' what about our own time?

Prophetic pulse: from terrorists to Venezuela

A 'novel' glimpse at chastisement

Prophetic pulse: 'Today's storms are but forerunners'

If you ask the Eskimos, they'll tell you the axis of earth has shifted

Prophecy beat: colors in the sky and below, an 'unraveling'

The prophecies of a new 'servant of God' named Black Elk

Jerusalem in prophecy

Prophetic pulse: of climate swerve and a winter 'bomb'

The prophetic pulse: Santa Barbara 'apocalypse'

Which is it: two prophecies that contradict

What if magnetic poles switched?

Prophetic pulse: turmoil abroad as harbinger

Prophetic significance of Russia, China

U.S. priest delivered powerful, fascinating prophecy

The prophetic pulse: 'meltdown'

Signs of the anti-christ

Is recent spate of desecration a sign?

Dramatic weather changes span globe, hit Holy Land

Signs: we've seen fire, we've seen rain

How predicted events can change

*Prophetic pulse: the beat gets louder

Adding up the numbers: anti-christ deciphered?


The 1990 Prophecies 


The 1990 Prophecy: An Alleged Description Of Christ's Manifestation 

Did Prophecy Tie Into Bush Decision?

Links Between Stem Cells, Cloning, Prophecy

Mailbag: About Cloning Prophecy

The Prediction Of A Strange Cloud, Rumbling

'Rumbling' Echoed In Book of Revelation

How Big Can An Earthquake Get?

Event In N.Y. Will Be Followed By Events In Every Region

Response To N.Y. Will Determine Next Chastisements

Lost In Commotion: The Link Between 9/11, Cloning, Prophecy

Prophecy That Forecast Regional Events Raise Apocalyptic Questions

The Prophetic Indications Upon Us

Signs Of The Times: Do They Hint At Special Manifestation Of Christ?

Move To Clone Embryos Will Lead to Severe Regional Events

Book Details Radical Shift In Lifestyle-1990 Prophecy

Mythical Chimera Was Associated With Disaster Warning Of Genetic Manipulation

Prophecy Foresaw Region Disasters

Mysterious Blasts In India Bring To Mind Prophecy On Rumblings

Prophetic 'Word' Warning On Cloning

New Prophetic 'Word': 2004

New 'revelation' expands on '1990 prophecy'


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Prophecy: Cloning Humans Will Lead To Severe Regional Chastisements

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