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"In the period also will be a warning that involves not fire from the sky but fear of fire from the sky, and strange loud rumblings..."

So says a prophecy from 1990 [see previous stories], a prophecy that seems to have accurately predicted the onset of cloning -- a great "new evil," as it put it -- as well as natural events that would occur regionally. This we have already begun to see: wild storms, a shift in climate, and strange events everywhere. 

Since those things have occurred or at least begun we look to the next part of the prophecy -- this idea of a rumbling. We have already written how of late there have been mysterious rumbling noises in Maine. They were called just that: strange rumblings. And so let's look yet closer at the alleged anonymous prophecy. Is it a prediction of a mega-quake? Are we approaching an event deep below? Is the "rumbling" a portent of something geological? 

I believe that during this century the world will incur an "unprecedented" quake. I say "unprecedented" because such has not occurred in modern times. It has occurred, however, through time. Back in ancient Turkey (or "Anatolia," as it was known then), there were veritable earthquake storms. Whole chains of tremors knocked out a good portion of the early settlements, and the same may have occurred during the Bronze Age in Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Israel. Indeed, some scientists claim earthquakes may have set off the fire and brimstone at Sodom.

I don't know about that, but when I was researching Sent To Earth I found out that mega-earthquakes can occur. While most seismologists like to think of the limit of an earthquake to be magnitude-9.5, this is only because 9.5 is the highest we have recorded with our modern instruments -- which date back only a bit more than a century!

In fact, while many argue that a great quake that occurred in 1960 near Chile is the upper limit because it involved as long a slice of continental shift as any we know of, that's only one factor. That's only what we can detect from the surface. Far beneath -- not just miles, but hundreds of miles -- are earth movements about which we know nothing. Some believe whole ancient continents have been "subducted" under the earth's current crust, and below even that are molten flows or great areas of metal that may act like plastic. The trouble is, we just don't know; we can't see down. Drill holes go down just 7.5 miles, or just 0.2 percent of the earth's radius. It's nearly 4,000 miles to the center!

Thus, there no one really know how big an earthquake can get, and no one knows what else might transpire deep below the surface. When I spoke to one of the world's leading authorities, Dr. Hiroo Kanamori of the University of Tokyo, he told me it was highly questionable for scientists to speculate on the highest magnitude. "There is no real limit. Of course if you break the earth in two parts, that probably would be the biggest one, but I don't think there is anything theoretically that is the upper bound," he said.

A magnitude-9.5, thought by so many to be that upper bound, is only the largest we have measured

And besides exceeding that level (which is 250 times more powerful than the Great San Francisco Earthquake), quakes can come in swarms. One can set off another. There can be a chain reaction. And I wouldn't be surprised if in the not-so-distant future we see something like that. There have been instances recently where earthquakes in places like Taiwan or the Philippines have occurred at the same time as quakes in the Western Hemisphere (including the U.S.). In 1906 there were ten magnitude-8 quakes, including the one in San Francisco -- where normally one would occur in the normal course of a year. Moreover, in 1811, when great tremors hit Missouri, they were felt as far away as Washington. D.C. and Boston (where they set church bells ringing). The 1989 quake in San Francisco is thought to have set off tremors in Hawaii.

Throughout the ages, "seismic storms" have afflicted mankind -- as I said, they destroyed whole chains of cities in ancient Turkey and Greece -- and while I don't know if this is what the "strange rumblings" refer to (it could be more something from deep down that simply scares the world), I believe the same is going happen again. The question -- as we will explore next -- is where it will happen.

Next: Where might the "superquake" occur?

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