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Our Lady of Pontmain

Marian Calendar, January
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Sad times: foul-mouthed Hollywood

You might be right where God wants you

Prayer urgency: four seminarians abducted in Nigeria

Chinese bishop evicted, homeless

Vatican eyes new rules for retired popes

Praying Rosary has medically positive effect on heart

A 'brilliant' defense of celibacy

Pope comments on abortion, transgenders

'How I found healing on the Camino de Santiago'

The little prayer that moves God

Is there a spiritual dimension to space?

A study of sloth

'Saints can teach you how to control anger'

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Michael Brown retreat, Florida, February 1

Michael Brown retreat, prophecy, afterlife, our times, Charlotte North Carolina

Special report (new): the mystery of 'power spots'


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Signs: mystery boom across San Diego

Seven killed in Panama exorcism ritual

Trump to announce new rules on prayer in school

Trial of president begins

Pence to meet Pope

Trump gets huge boost from anti-abortion group

Trudeau drops 'near death' requirement for euthanasia

Poll: Sanders ties Biden

Eleven U.S. servicemen were injured in Iran attack

Iran's supreme leader insults Trump

Nonpartisan 'watchdog' claims Trump Administration broke law

Burst capillaries point to Epstein murder?

Upheaval watch: forty percent of nations expected to experience civil unrest this year

Annual survey: 'best' countries

Signs: Chinese data allegedly show oceans 'warmest' ever

Pastor worries that some worship Trump more than Jesus

Health watch: the most anti-oxidant foods

The health benefits of mustard

Russian church attendance: you call this conversion?

Good news updated daily

What the Lord promised Saint Mechtilde

Staying true in the midst of Church scandal

Catholic population in South Korea surges

How well were the old Masses celebrated?

Christmas apparition?

The exorcism and death of Anneliese Michel

Video: Sodom, Western-style

Blogwatch: powerful prayers to angels

Orthodox Church warns on UFO 'deception'

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