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Pope: holiness requires spiritual combat

Pontiff named member of 'Praise' group auxiliary bishop


What the group is all about

Priest dies during wedding

Pennies (literally) from Heaven

When a healer from Virginia crossed over to the 'other side'

Body of saint desecrated

Cathedral in California vandalized

Statue of Jesus desecrated in Baton Rouge

Relic of great Pontiff stolen from cathedral

Barrett caught Trump's attention when she defended Catholic faith

Two senators won't meet with her

Her rise from Metairie, Louisiana: People of Praise

New encyclical may create 'globalism' alarm

Vigano claim: it's Trump vs. new world

The 'prince of this world'

An ancient battle between Mary and 'wizards'

Archbishop rebukes priest

Special Report: most dangerous haunts in America

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The Statue of Liberty at sunset in New York.   (Seth Wenig, File)

What if U.S. elects two presidents?

Upheaval watch: clashes between BLM, police in NYC, L.A., Portland, Seattle

Pure danger: tea company based on satanism

Video: Mickey Rourke has devotion to Mary, Saint Jude

Will Catholics decide election?

Experts concerned about viral effects on heart

Lawyer joins Satanism due to Ginsburg death!

Less than half Republicans, five percent Democrats worried about loss of faith

Good news updated daily

Praying with the Holy Spirit

'The real enemy is Satan'

Why correcting others in anger doesn't work

Cardinal Pell thanks Pope

Interesting new John Paul II statue

The way of simple love

The Statue of Liberty at sunset in New York.   (Seth Wenig, File)

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