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Holy Father proclaims that marriage is forever

'God's dream is for union between man, woman'


Text of his homily

Signs: 'once on 200 years' rainfall?

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Ship with twenty-eight aboard vanishes

Sixteen dead in flood along French Riviera

While in U.S., Pope gave formal audience to gay couple

**Biden said to be leaning toward run

Sad times: Jersey priest threatened boy (jokingly) with gun?

Tennessee lieutenant governor says Christians should arm themselves

Hero tried to block door

Did NBC once predict that everyone would have a microchip by 2017?

Supreme Court will return to bevy of hot-button issues

Filling foods to eat on a diet

Perennial bestseller

Michael Brown retreat in Shreveport, La.

New Special Report: 'three days darkness'?

Topsy-turvy: Rome sacks priest after he comes out as homosexual

Davis case: is nuncio being thrown 'under the bus'?

Was in crucial Congregation

Vatican claims meeting with Kentucky clerk was not 'endorsement'

Actor says if not for Medjugorje, he''d never have played Jesus in 'Passion' movie

Of children and guardian angels

Pope: respect what your guardian angels tells you

Challenge in tumultuous times: should we 'prepare'?

Pope's visit and aftermath settled one issue: homosexual marriage

Cause of exorcist advances

When Lincoln warned of 'Divine chastisement'

'House of tears': miraculous healing oil?

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Donations: we need and appreciate it!

Volcano could cause '1,000-foot' wave: scientists

Beautiful pictures of Lourdes

World watch, prayer need: famous people who attempted suicide

World watch: donors defecting to Biden

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