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Book bargain: healing generational defects

Image result for Jesus warner sallman


Prayer urgency: Catholics plan to battle hex event

Report: Trump knew of Russian meddling before inauguration

Health watch: link seen between screen time, attention-deficit

Nicaraguan strongman attacking churches

Mammon watch: stock warning signals

Court halts bid to split California

Former FBI and CIA chief Webster speaks out

Google hit with massive fine

The infiltration of Russian agents into Christian groups

Occult alarm: man claims to have sacrificed nearly 700

Fonda refused to use Name of Jesus in vain

How many babies with Down Syndrome are aborted?

Praise God: survey shows British teens want family time more than sex


The mystical front: tears in America, 'apparitions' in Africa

The pruning of the Church

Papal confidantes hit prosperity gospel

Bishops urge exorcism in Nicaragua

Canada re-consecrated to Mary

Lawyer raises question of 'perfect possession'

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Donations: we need and appreciate it!


Retreat (Michael Brown) announced for Cincinnati, Ohio

Video: inhaling God

The huge drop in Catholic students

Lions eat poachers

Our Lady of Mount Carmel and spiritual warfare

The amazing value of hardship

Prayer need: a priest's lavish home

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