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North Korea threatens to sink U.S. carrier

Vending machine dispenses morning-after pill

The turmoil in France

Putin building massive Arctic base

Are they trying to put this disabled Catholic woman to death?

Russia flexes muscles

Prayer need: twenty children killed in  blazing African wreck

Tropical storm forms already in Atlantic

Shame: Kardashian poses as Virgin Mary

Health watch: do frozen vegetables maintain nutritional worth?

Remarkable, unknown facts

Special Report (new): tsunamis, war, quakes?

Toronto retreat

Ezekiel's unexplained fiery wheel: also in recent times?

Priest in India claims archbishop tried to poison him

Niece of Fatima seers speaks

Image result for divine mercy Jesus

How the Church discerns apparitions


Sun miracle, Good Friday, Uganda?

Upon death: bringing the right stuff to God

Oil resumes flow from famous icon in Syria

Live in the present: near-death videos

Papal tweets

Meditation: saints of the day Daily Prayer  Mass readings Homily of Day  Vatican Videos Mary's Messages Divine Mercy Novena

Donations: we need and appreciate it!

Death of oldest woman: her life in pictures, including her rosaries

New oldest woman: serving God is the key

Deathbed visions

Video (discernment beat); moment a statue weeps

Health watch: apples versus oranges

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