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U.S. Marine convicted of killing transgender

Chinese company set to clone humans?

Newborn found buried alive

Paul Schofield, 31, and Cheryl Stevenson, 32, from Tameside, Greater Manchester, were left in fits of giggles after their unborn son presented them with the 'thumbs up' hand gesture (pictured) during a routine scan

Thumbs up!

Carson: pro-lifers need to tone down 'hateful' rhetoric

Obama: 'don't demonize Planned Parenthood'

Sad times: Tebow loses girlfriend over celibacy

New winter weather outlook

An avocado a day...

Statue of Liberty: originally a Muslim woman?

Discovery in Jamestown indicates that Catholics played role in foundation


Pope criticizes 'fundamentalist' Catholics who besmirch others

Catholic editor lashes back at Pope

When the Pope was asked about condoms

Back to Santa Maria Maggiore

Describing what really can't be described: the pulsating colors of Heaven

Holy Father concludes trip, ventured into volatile neighborhood to meet Muslims

Pope confirms that during Mexican trip he will visit border

Monastery: Mother Angelica put on feeding tube

Discernment beat: officials investigating 'bleeding' Host in Salt Lake City

Retreat announced for West Palm Beach, February 13

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Christmas books, gifts

Donations: we need and appreciate it!

New book penned by American mystic detailed alleged visions of Jesus' life

Saint Michael and mediums: a hidden history

'God can do what the doctors cannot'

Images of hell

A 'saint' from Harvard

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