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Upheaval watch: Trump and California

Upheaval watch: German clash

Trump brushes off new protests

ISIS order to attack Rome uncovered

Russia's radioactive river

Abortion by drone

Japan: a thousand quakes in two weeks

Prayer need: North Korea sentences U.S. citizen to ten years of hard labor

Occult watch: abduction by 'aliens'?

Church wins battle after woman buried alive in China

Prince's bizarre sexual messages

Will replica Ark make it across Atlantic?

Magnetosphere (video): is this the 'number one' threat to earth?

Praying for healing

Powerful, anointed prayers

Retreat (Michael Brown): Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Beware the 'spirit of religiosity'

Fatima church in Chicago area renovated for anniversary of apparitions

Spiritual warfare: of pop music stars, 'UFOs, and the occult

Suicide attempt was foiled by prayer

God's messages to Saint Catherine of Siena

Fascinating facts about her life

Her incredible death

A post-Confirmation summit

Rosary advice from Saint Louis de Montfort

Queen of Peace statue offers occasion to pray

Pope may be on verge of deal with traditionalists

When a Maryland priest and all at Mass saw an angel

Spirit Daily pilgrimage, Guadalupe, September

Special report (new); anatomy of an alleged seer who 'sees' the future

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Retreat announced for My Father's House, Moodus, Ct.

A weeping statue in Jordan

Thieves target shop at Medjugorje

When cancer heals the soul

Drudge's fascination with exorcism

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