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Is Melania Catholic?

Spicer, a Catholic, not at meeting with Pope

How famous women dress for the Holy Father

Gingrich: Trump speech was turning point

Muslims kidnap priest

Pope and president meet cordially

Horror: abortionists joke about eyeballs from unborn

Trump: 'He is something'

Discussed healthcare, immigration, peace, Catholic education in U.S.

 Fear of 'apparition' with new parish

Melania and Ivanka both don veils

How it feels to be struck by lightning

Newspaper published op-ed witchcraft ritual

Six drinks that 'fight' age

Fox News poll: Trump down

ISIS testing chemical warfare on humans

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The seveneth Fatima apparition

Prophetic pulse: from terrorists to Venezuela

Novena to the Holy Spirit

The contrary spirit

Cardinal Dolan finds humility in Irish immigrant who saw Mary

Sad: the 'enlightened' Catholics who are embarrassed by apparitions

Signs, some little and some not so little

Pope: don't listen to those who are harsh about others

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Retreat, northern New Jersey

Did Pope Benedict just break his silence?

Report on Toronto retreat

What the Pope's encyclical on environment said

Diocese paving way for transgender students?

Lourdes medical examiner, bishop endorse near-death experiences

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