Exhumation of Pope Pius X


Americans brace for a new wave of terror

Prayer urgency: Muslims break into church and rape nuns

How one couple beat cancer

Oklahoma diocese files lawsuit against black mass organizers


Satanist claims foreign priest sent him consecrated Host

High school student claims she was suspended for saying 'bless you'

Priest comforts family of beheaded journalist

Journalist was Catholic, prayed the Rosary

Courts in Arizona, California recognize transgender marriage

No gay marriage in Virginia, for now

Patient in California tested for Ebola

Ebola: clashes in zone of contagion


Liberia in free fall

Farmer's Almanac predict cold winter, again

New Yorkers excited about potential papal visit

New tropical storm?

Two feet of hail (caution: tabloid)

Supernatural 'jinn' blamed for Muslim mental illness

Staying away from corn syrup

Christ is the 'Big C,' not cancer

Powerful, unique prayers

Pope warns on 'evil one'

Reasons to go to Confession

Remembering Knock

What Pius X can teach us

Pilgrims report sun miracles at Kibeho

Near-death life-changer

Pope: I could quit one day too

Virgin Mary's house: where wishes come true

Does inspired 'tea' cure cancer?

Afterlife: I heard my father saying 'Jesus, Jesus, Jesus'

Spiritual warfare: you are a commissioned officer

Madonna of Cuzco, c. 2011 Fernando Ferraro

When Francesco Forgione became 'Padre Pio'

Michael Brown retreats:  Los Angeles, Santa Barbara

Pope speaks of tragic family accident

Engineer relates stark new 'message' from alleged seer

Prophetic pulse: harbingers?

Vocational discernment and homosexuality

Prayer Room  Meditation: saints of the day  Mass readings  Mary's Message Homily of the Day  Vatican Video  

Donations: we need and appreciate it! 

New and worthwhile: When the Game Stands Tall

'Fight against evil'

Analyzing the alleged new 'text' from Lucia on chastisement'

New Fatima revelation?

Discerning the 'spirit of anti-christ'

Did ancient Mass have three readings?

There are black helicopters?

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