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Millennials ditching religion for witchcraft

Upheaval watch: Spain's leaders seize control in Catalonia

Budget: is the devil literally in the deficit?

Trump to allow release of secret JFK files

Pollution killing more people than war, smoking, hunger

Will they overturn California's prostitution ban?

Bannon attacks Bush

Mammon watch: A Louisiana cancer town

Polar bears holding Russian village 'hostage'

Signs: a drastic decline in insects

Diocese wants one word removed from grave marker

Clinic sold baby parts

In Trump, Christians find an unlikely warrior

Horrid attack on church in Argentina

Tea and arterial health

Retreat, Michael H. Brown, Long Island, Nov. 11, signs of the times, prophecy, spiritual warfare

Global population of Catholics grows by 12.5 million

Have faith but don't tempt fate

Prophecy beat: colors in the sky and below, an 'unraveling'

When the devil tries to make you loathe yourself

Why so many stopped going to Church

'Earthquakes can be sign of spiritual clash'

Seers and North Korea

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