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-- Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back, a huge nationwide bestseller about a boy who "died" and saw angels, miracles, by Todd Burpo, a beautifully written glimpse into eternity that will encourage those who doubt and thrill those who believe -- a little boy's remarkable 'trip' during an emergency appendectomy and what he described in a near-death experience authenticated by his descriptions of the hospital and procedures! $15.00

-- Made to Crave: Satisfying Your Deepest Desire with God, Not Food, by Lysa TerKeurst, $10.00

-- Life After Life, by Dr. Raymond Moody: the groundbreaking bestselling book on near-death experiences, $13.00

-- 90 Minutes in Heaven, by Don Piper on his very popular near-death experience, this edition especially for young readers, but written for all, about this man's experience when his car was crushed by a semi. While his body lay lifeless inside the ruins of his car, Piper went to Heaven, then miraculously returned to life, descvriobing it in this book that has been a bestseller for years! $9.99

--The Screwtape Papers, by C.S. Lewis: an imaginary strategy sessions between Satan and his demons; a famous classic and bestseller from legendary writer, $13.00 

-- My Life with the Saints, by James Martin, S.J. James Martin has led a thoroughly modern life: from a lukewarm childhood Catholicism, to the Wharton School of Business, to the executive fast track at General Electric, to the Jesuits, to a media career in Manhattan. But at every step along the way he has been accompanied by special friends—the saints of the Catholic Church. These holy men and women are not just historical figures to him. Martin’s attachment to them is real and personal. The saints have guided him. He convincingly shows how the saints can be our friends too. $14.99  

-- Signs of Life, by Scott Hahn, hardcover, $19.99

-- The Boy who Came Back from Heaven, by Kevin Malarkey, a remarkable account of angels, miracles, $15.00

-- 23 Minutes in Hell, by Bill Wiese, what one man saw, heard, and felt in place of torment, $12.00


-- The Other Side, by Michael H. Brown, $8.95

-- The God of Miracles, by Michael H. Brown, $9.95

Why He Is A Saint, by Mgsr. Slawomir Oder, postulator of his cause, perhaps the most readable and certainly one of the very most interesting books on John Paul II -- with an entire section on his incredible prayer life and mysticism, granting us a perspective we haven't quiet seen before: an international bestseller that is engaging, satisfying, and  very inspiring! Highly recommended. Hardcover ,  $19.00  



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