Empty Your 'Mailbox' Of Junk Mail

Is your "letterbox" -- your spiritual letterbox -- too full to receive new mail (grace)? Is it too stuffed with junk mail, old "letters," or "magazines" you never will read?

If you feel stymied in life and prayer, in a rut, spinning your wheels -- receiving no relief -- perhaps it's because you have no room for the angel of delivery -- who, with a new gift, awaits.

What stops him? Your mailbox may be too filled with past hurts, anger, misconceptions, untruths, resentment, disappointments, jealousy, missed opportunities -- you name it. Regrets. These need to be purged. Don't hoard the negative! If your "wineskin" is filled with gall, or if you're discouraged that nothing good is coming your way, what room is there for new "wine" (Matthew 9:17)?

Empty worry from your box, from your wineskin: Those who live long say they have learned to cast away anxiety and fears and instead learned to trust and to laugh at life's challenges, at its disappointments. Leave your mailbox clear of junk mail and fake coupons.

It may be a broken relationship. It may be a job you wanted and didn't get. What percent of your mail is worry, disappointment, having a failure, making a mistake? Do you read it over and over?

Go to God and give all that to Him. He'll discard it and send an angel-postman in return. Make room and God will fill you with good things. When you forgive, you make room.

You look at someone and say, "I asked for that. I wanted what they have." That's resentment, and envy. But that gift didn't have your address on it. The Lord -- in His timing -- has something else for you that is at least as good -- actually, better, because He designed it solely with you in mind. Just keep the space available. Be: expectant and yet patient.

Letting go can be the key to the answer you seek. Don't stay stuck in your past. Move toward your destiny. You're created to be filled with peace and joy, not with worry, guilt, morbidity, or depression. God's gifts bring you to fulfillment of your mission. Don't let the enemy even know your zip code, let alone your street address.

Drain out the poison.

Throw out the impurities of life.

Let no negative thing fill you up and hold you down.

Doubt, self-pity, petty aggravation...

Notes a preacher: "Jesus told a parable in Scripture about a farmer who sowed some seed on different types of soil. Some of it took root and some did not. It says that when the farmer threw some seed on thorny ground, the thorns grew and choked the plant. In this parable, the thorns represent the cares of this world. When you are full of cares and worry, it can choke out the fruitfulness of your life and make you stagnate and unproductive.

"We have to remember that every day God throws seeds into our lives -- seeds of blessing, joy, life, hope, provision. The question is how are we receiving those seeds? Are we allowing the cares of this world to choke our spiritual life?"

He adds: "It's easy to go through life holding on to things that are weighing us down -- guilt, resentment, worry, and doubt. These things naturally come. The problem is that when we allow them in, they take up space for the good things that should be there. You have a limited amount of room."

King David said to hold onto good things to remain young and strong. Scripture says, give no space to the enemy.

Throw stress out of your post office box.

Breathe the blossoms of Heaven.

Till your soil.

Fertilize it, prune, pull out those weeds this springtime.

You've heard that old song, Please, Mr. Postman.

You've also heard the expression: Heaven-sent.

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